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Portions of the "Factory Required Disclaimer" below do NOT apply to LONG-LEWIS.  We do NOT charge ANY bogus license fees, processing fees, documentation (DOC) fees or destination charges.  Simply add the applicable sales tax and a $16.50 title fee, if in State.  Other States' title fees may vary.  This is a HUGE advantage to YOU, the consumer when dealing with LONG-LEWIS!


Used Lincoln Inventory For Sale at Competitive Prices at Long-Lewis Lincoln in Muscle Shoals, AL

Lincoln vehicles are timeless and comfortable because they have spacious cabin spaces, and the materials used to create their seats are of premium quality. They are also equipped with some exceptional driver-assist features, which make them easy to drive. When choosing between used Lincoln vehicles and new ones, think about your needs, your budget, and of course, your style. Here at Long-Lewis Lincoln, we offer a vast used inventory will luxury models you'll love.

The Benefits of Buying Used

Cheaper Annual Registration


In general, the number of fees that you will be paying for your annual registration will depend on the model year of your car and its current value. This means that when you buy a used Lincoln vehicle, you will pay a lower annual registration fee than when you buy a new Lincoln vehicle. The new Lincoln vehicle has the latest model year, and it also has a high value, which means that you will pay higher for its annual registration.


Saves You Money

In a real sense, the price of buying a new Lincoln vehicle is much more than that of purchasing a used Lincoln vehicle. This means that when you buy a used Lincoln vehicle, you will save a substantial amount of money to pay some other car expenses. Ideally, you can purchase a used Lincoln vehicle, and it will still perform all the functions that a new Lincoln vehicle can perform.

Less Depreciation


A used Lincoln vehicle has a lower depreciation value than a new Lincoln vehicle. If you purchase a new car today, then use it for one year and resell it, you are going to resell it at a substantially lower price than you had initially bought it because of its depreciation. But for a used vehicle, its depreciation value is low, which means that if you purchase a used Lincoln vehicle today and use it for a year then decide to sell it, you will sell it at around the same price that you had initially bought it.


A used Lincoln, can also perform just well as a new Lincoln vehicle because we have carefully inspected and repaired all of our used inventory right here in our service center.

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